Rome is not
a city like
the others.
it's a great museum,
a living room to cross on tiptoe.

- Alberto Sordi

The Journey Begins Here

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for those who want to visit Rome

Looking at a work of art, first of all I get excited, then I begin to wonder what lies behind it: the cultural and social environment in which that work was born, the iconography, the artist's life, the client.

Art is truly a starting point to talk about history, geography, politics, fashion, morals.

Being born and growing up in Rome made the difference and this city has become my experimental laboratory.

Barbara Neroni

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that you like best

Its beauty and the millenary history of Rome made me proud at first, but then aroused in me the desire to know more and not to stop only at the emotional sphere.

This is how my walks around Rome were born.

And you?

How well do you know this city? Do you want to know more?

Fountains and Squares

A tour that allows you to get to know and better understand the iconic places of the city that have become part of the collective imagination of each visitor.

Vatican Museum

One of the largest and most visited museums in the world with around 70,000 works.

Ancient Rome

After visiting the Flavian amphitheater, better known as the Colosseum, a symbol of the glory of Rome and a surprising example of the engineering skills of the ancient Romans, we will go to the Roman Forum, the oldest square in Rome where the millennial history of the city really began.

Hadrian’s Villa

Just 30 km from Rome, the ancient city of Tivoli surrounded by the Tiburtini Mountains and rich in water has been chosen since ancient times as a holiday resort.

Ancient Ostia

The ancient port city of Ostia founded in the fourth century B.C. and later became a strategic emporium for the food supply of the capital of the Empire

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